Our group works on large-scale distributed computing, security, systems aspects of Big Data, low-cost computing for the developing world, and millimeter wave wireless.


9/1/2017: Prof. Anirudh Sivaraman and Prof. Joseph Bonneau have joined us this Fall! We will also be expecting Prof. Aurojit Panda in Fall 2018

8/31/2017: Welcome our new Ph.D. student Conrad Christensen

3/27/2017: Minjie Wang has been named the 2017 Jacob Schwartz Ph.D. Fellow!

9/1/2016: Welcome our new Ph.D. students: Lingfan Yu and Ioanna Tzialla


Recent publications

Consolidating Concurrency Control and Consensus for Commits under Conflicts, USENIX Operating System Design and Implementation (OSDI), Shuai Mu and Lamont Nelson and Wyatt Lloyd and Jinyang Li, 2016

Balancing CPU and Network in the Cell Distributed B-Tree Store, USENIX Annual Technical Conference, Christopher Mitchell, Kate Montgomery, Lamont Nelson, Siddhartha Sen, Jinyang Li, 2016

Scaling Multicore Databases via Constrained Parallel Execution, ACM SIGMOD, Zhaoguo Wang and Shuai Mu and Yang Cui and Han Yi and Haibo Chen and Jinyang Li, 2016